Elementary level (3-12 years-olds)

To our knowledge there are no public elementary schools in Switzerland with Chinese as part of the curriculum. But a number of private schools offer Chineses classes on a voluntary basis.

Does your school offer Chinese courses, but you are not on the list? Please send us the address of your institution: Contact.

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Representing the German- and Italian-speaking part of Switzerland: Francesca WÖLFLER (Ticino)
Representing the French-speaking part of Switzerland: Claudia BERGER (Geneva), Blanche OBRATOV (Geneva)

French-speaking region
Canton Berne
Canton Fribourg
Canton Geneva École La Découverte, Genève, chinois facultatif, pour élèves non sinophones
Canton Jura
Canton Neuchâtel
Canton Vaud

Italian and Rumantsch-speaking region
Canton Grisons
Canton Ticino

German-speaking region
Canton Aargau